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Public Partnership is an Arizona Nonprofit whose Mission is to Reachout, Educate & Help the over 1 Million Arizonans in NEED (Living in POVERTY, Low-Income, Senior, Disabled, Homeless)  who are NOT required to file a U.S. and/or Arizona Income Tax Return to annually file one or more of the little-known government forms to CLAIM & RECEIVE their share of the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars being held for their benefit.

Did You Know?

The U.S. government has 4 little-known Tax CREDIT forms, the State of Arizona has 2 little-known Tax CREDIT forms, and each Arizona County Assessor has 3 little-known Residential Property ASSISTANCE forms for Arizonans in NEED to CLAIM & RECEIVE their share of the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars being held for their benefit. To our best knowledge, Public Partnership is the only Arizona Nonprofit that utilizes all 9 of these little-known government forms to help Arizonans in NEED.


Also, visit & to see if there’s something valuable waiting for you to CLAIM & RECEIVE! Additionally, FAQ contains links to numerous other Arizona Nonprofits and Community Action Agencies with access to many additional Arizona & Federal Social Service Programs to help Arizonans in NEED.

Public Partnership is a Tucson 501(c)(3) Nonprofit & Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO Code: 22070).

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Public Partnership started assisting Arizonans in NEED in June, 2015.

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Public Partnership will monthly update Public with a summary of Charitable Donations received and assistance provided to Arizonans in NEED, and release a Public Partnership Newsletter via email and Social Media.

Contact Public Partnership with your contact information, on-site location, number of on-site visits requested, preferred dates and times for on-site visit(s), number of Arizonans in NEED, and specific Forms to be completed and timely-submitted. Public Partnership will reply to your request as soon as possible after receiving and processing it.

a) Wildfire AZ

Find Help

  • Community Action Agencies
  • Arizona Self Help
  • People’s Information Guide
  • SNAP
  • Energy Assistance
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE)

b) AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Locator