Arizona Tax Credits

Arizona Tax Credits for Charitable Donations to Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organizations, Public Schools & Certified School Tuition Organizations (azdor.gov/tax-credits)

Arizona Taxpayers can annually make Arizona Tax Credit Charitable Donations to Three Main Communities that Arizona Tax Credits serve, and can donate to any or all of them. Such donations reduce the amount of tax that donor owes to the state or increases the amount of donor’s tax refund from the state, dollar-for-dollar.

There is NO net cost to donor when Arizona tax dollars are redirected FROM the State of Arizona TO any of the Three Main Communities that Arizona Tax Credits serve.

Three Main Communities served by Arizona Tax Credits:

1a) Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCOs): Maximum Arizona Tax Credit for any Tax Year – married filing jointly: $800; otherwise: $400

Receive up to an $800 Arizona Tax Credit if married filing jointly, or up to $400 otherwise, by making an Arizona Tax Credit Charitable Donation to PublicPartnership (QCO Code: 22070) by April 15th annually.

Your Charitable Donation to PublicPartnership may qualify for a Federal tax deduction in the Tax Year made & an Arizona Tax Credit for the prior Tax Year if made by April 15th.

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1b) Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations (QFCOs)

2) Public Schools (PSs)

3) Certified School Tuition Organizations (STOs)


Maximum Arizona Tax Credits for any Tax Year are available at azdor.gov/tax-credits.

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